Massage is one of the oldest healing practices and is used by every culture in the world. Some of the benefits of massage, especially as we age, include: Helping to decrease stiffness and improve joint mobility, reduce inflammation, improve posture, decrease anxiety and stress, lessen symptoms of depression, increase a sense of well being, stabilize blood pressure, alleviate slip disorders, increase circulation, may lessen dependence on pain and other types of medications, improve the flow of lymphatic fluid, improve digestion, provide nurturing and much needed touch – and more!


Summit Square is pleased to welcome Theresa Costello to our wellness team. Theresa is a graduate of The Virginia School of Massage and certified by MBLEx and the Virginia Board of Nursing. In addition, she is the founder/owner of “Feel Better” Massage and Wellness Services, LLC, a licensed Physical Therapist with over seventeen years of manual therapy experience, and has a PhD in Community Psychology. Theresa will be doing onsite massage and spa/wellness services for Summit Square in a comfortable, private area – she also does “House Calls”! Her services include: Swedish, therapeutic, deep tissue, acupressure/Shiatsu, structural integration, myofascial, sports, hot stones, reflexology and much  more!



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