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Senior living isn’t just a place for those in the medical field – it’s a place for anyone with a passion for helping others!

A career in senior living wasn’t the first stop on Jeff Hylton’s journey in the workforce. Starting off as an auto technician, he didn’t even know that there would be opportunities for him in this field. When Jeff came to King’s Grant, he brought skills with him that benefited the team, and the team helped to build him to where he is today. “A lot of stuff that I’ve learned is what I’ve learned from what the other guys were doing and now I can do that for the newer guys,” Hylton remarked when asked about his progression.


Jeff started out as a Buildings and Grounds Technician and was able to work hard and move into a supervisory role. While he doesn’t love telling people what to do, he does enjoy that he gets to help people along their journey – just like he had people along his journey to help him. “Over the years i’ve worked all the aspects of the job. I don’t think there’s a part of this building I’ve been in top to bottom – if the guys need a hand, they will come find me and we will figure it out.” Teamwork is the foundation of this department.

“I want to see every one of my guys be the best they can be. I think there’s room for anyone to grow here if you are willing to put your best foot forward. they support us – it’s like a family here.” We help our employees grow in their career, and hope to find more individuals who are interested in learning and growing with us. Senior living isn’t just a place for those in the medical field – it’s a place for anyone with a passion for helping others!

Rewarding Career

At Sunnyside Communities, we value our employees and the services they provide to our residents. Part of the way we show our appreciation is by offering a premium benefits package. We invite you to discover how Sunnyside Communities can provide you with a rewarding career as your employer of choice!

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Benefits Package

  • Paid Personal Leave
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Paid Vacation Leave
  • Paid Holidays
  • Medical Insurance with Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Dental Coverage
  • Vision Coverage
  • Company Paid Life Insurance
  • Company Paid Short-term Disability Insurance
  • Company Paid Long-term Disability Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • 401(k) Plan with Company Match
  • Supplemental Life, Accident & Cancer Insurance
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Uniform Reimbursement
  • License Reimbursement
  • 24 Hour Wellness Center Usage
  • Employee Assistance Program
Disclaimer:  Any benefits described herein may change at the Company’s discretion and will only be provided in accordance with the Company’s policies and/or the specific Plan documents.

Surprise Medical Billing (Call HR at (540) 568-8278 for the Employer Identification Number)

Your Rights and Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills

Equal Opportunity Employer

Sunnyside Communities is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital or veteran status, qualified disability or any other category or characteristic protected by federal, state or local law.