What Our Residents are Saying

“We just can’t find the words to express everything we like about Sunnyside Communities.”

- Nancy & Don Myers

“I moved to the Highlands five years ago.  I knew only one resident at the time, but I was welcomed with open arms and was made to feel at home immediately.  I now volunteer for several jobs and have a very fulfilling life here at Sunnyside.”

-Sarah Lobben

“We made the transition and are extremely pleased. Overcoming our “I’m not ready” feelings has given us a new perspective on life today. Living at Sunnyside is our gift to our children.”

-Frank & Shirley Shakespeare

“It’s peace of mind.  I don’t have to worry about imposing on my children for care, home maintenance, landscape maintenance, Real Estate taxes, home insurance, or good health care.  When I had a hip replacement I was in the health care center for 10 days and was treated like a queen.”

- Gail Berrall

“Living in Connecticut where winter days sometimes dropped to 20 below zero we didn’t hesitate on agreeing to move south as retirement approached. Not only were the temperatures warmer, but the people were also.

Both of Dick’s brothers were in retirement communities and emphasized the importance of the continuum of care, plus moving while you’re still able to enjoy everything there.

We especially like the small town atmosphere of Summit Square and the feeling of camaraderie.”

- Eileen and Dick Huttinger

“When we decided to move, we wanted it to be directly to Summit Square, not to an over 50′s community or anyplace like that. We wanted the peace of mind knowing that there is care for us if we ever need it. Also, another main factor was that we wanted to do it while we were still in control of the situation. We didn’t want our children to have to deal with it later. We told them that this is our gift to them.”

- Lyn and Don Short

“About 15 years ago, I was asked if I thought converting the old Waynesboro Community Hospital into a retirement home was a good idea. I said yes, and I became active in helping see Summit Square become a reality. It was a very successful project. Since Mildred and I became residents three years ago, we are very grateful to be living in such a wonderful facility with great staff and residents. Our thanks to the Sunnyside organization for having the foresight to meet our community retirement needs.”

- Branch R. Hammock

“We feel very fortunate that we chose Summit Square for our retirement home. From the very first day, the staff and residents have made us feel so comfortable and right at home because of their friendship and helpfulness. Our only regret is that we didn’t make the move sooner.”

- Martha and Bob Frank

“Moving to Summit Square (after much resistance) has been God’s gift to us. We love the family of residents, the activities, meals and how much the worry and concern about daily living problems have been lifted from us.”

-Gloria Crapser

“I look forward to many more years of the blessings of Summit Square.”

-Jean Nichols

“They always tell me they’re glad I’m here [his children]. After visiting and seeing the community, they all say they don’t worry about me.”

- Sam Fowler

“If I had to do it all over again, I’d come here earlier.”

- Ruby Meyers

“Living at King’s Grant is everything we expected and more. Our needs are met by caring professionals no matter how trivial or critical they may be. All this and the price is right!”

- Hal Nelson

“I want you to know that King’s Grant is the source of a great deal of contentment and joy to me because I am convinced beyond the shadow of any doubt that it is the best place on the planet for Mom to live.”

“Most importantly, being at King’s Grant allows her to maintain her independence. She can go to exercise, to the book club, play bingo — I understand Mom has had a pretty amazing winning streak — watch a movie, go to parties, visit friends, or have a quiet day reading a great book from the library. This is exactly what I want for my Mom.”

“Perhaps most comforting to me was hearing her speak about her visit to the part of King’s Grant for residents needing high levels of care. “The room was bright and cheery with all these lovely young people taking care of residents and talking to them kindly. It was so calm and peaceful –and there were little birds flying around, it was just lovely.” Mom has known from that moment on that whatever her needs are in the future she will receive tender loving care right in the place she is already happily calling “home”.

- Sandra Smith – eldest daughter to Carolyn Smith (resident)

“My husband and I made the decision to move here and the beauty of it is that our son said “that is the best gift you could give me.” We have not regretted coming here for one second.”

- Mary Taylor

“I feel blessed to be a resident of King’s Grant. My sister, brother, mother-in-law and 2 sisters-in-law have all been residents of King’s Grant!”

- Viola Prillaman Dyer