Ways you can Support the Needs of Our Residents Receiving Fellowship Assistance.

Cash Donations:

Gifts of cash are tax deductible and are vital to the support of the Fellowship Fund.

Gifts of Securities:

Stock that has increased in value is one of the important assets used by donors for charitable giving. Making a gift of securities to us offers you the chance to help Sunnyside while realizing many important tax benefits for yourself.

Charitable Gift Annuities:

In exchange for a gift to Sunnyside Communities you receive regular income payments for life. Charitable Gift Annuities can be funded with cash, securities, or marketable real property. There are also attractive tax benefits available through this gift.


Leave your legacy by making a gift in your will to all or one of the Sunnyside Communities – Summit Square, Sunnyside or King’s Grant.

Charitable Trusts:

Charitable trusts are another option for donors who wish to make a current or deferred gift to our Communities but are concerned about retaining an income from the asset. Charitable trusts can provide donors with regular cash payments, current charitable income tax deduction, avoidance or reduction of estate taxes and elimination of money-management concerns. Charitable trusts are set up through an outside advisor such as through a trust department of a bank. It is important that you let us know if Sunnyside Communities is a beneficiary of a trust agreement so we may thank you and recognize your gift appropriately.

Real Estate:

Using the gift of real-estate, such as your house, vacation home, farm, or commercial property to fund a gift allows you to preserve your cash assets, receive significant tax and income advantages and make a larger charitable gift. Please discuss gift of real-estate with the Sunnyside’s Development Office prior to making the gift.

Life Insurance:

If you have a life insurance policy that has served its original purpose – providing for your children, protecting your mortgage, or securing your retirement funds – you may use this policy to help those individuals under Sunnyside’s Fellowship of care You can do this by naming Sunnyside Communities owner or beneficiary, and possibly experience some tax benefits as well.