Circle of Giving

The residents and staff of the three Sunnyside Communities are actively involved in the betterment of the Harrisonburg, Waynesboro and Martinsville regions in which they live. Many actively volunteer their talents and services to numerous local non-profit organizations along with giving support to the improvement of King’s Grant, Summit Square and Sunnyside Communities and the lives of the residents. It is this 360° of giving that enriches the lives of all our residents and their neighbors known and unknown, next door and down the street.


Why We Seek Your Support

Sunnyside Communities is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with the goal of matching revenues to expenses as closely as possible. In order for us to continue to offer charitable care to those who have exhausted their financial resources and to further our ability to create outstanding programs and services, we must rely on our residents, family, friends and neighbors for additional financial support. Sunnyside Communities’ culture of philanthropy has been at the heart of its strength since its 1912 beginning by being an organization that goes beyond the basics of caring for older adults. This culture of stewardship is the difference between “Living out years” and “Adding Life to years” for our residents.


Fellowship Support – What is it?

No one comes to a Sunnyside Retirement Community thinking they will outlive their financial resources. They never thought their peace of mind, dignity, security and care would be jeopardized. That is because they carefully planned and saved and did everything right for their golden years.


But life has its unplanned obstacles. The fall of financial markets, the increased cost of medical care, a spouse whose health needs pulled away great amounts of assets, outliving family members and living longer than we ever thought possible. These unplanned events leave some of our friends, neighbors and family members without the financial resources to support themselves as planned. The Fellowship Fund that has for so long supported those in need from the greater communities are now being pulled to support those who currently reside in one of the three Sunnyside Communities that had tried so hard to be self-reliant but due to no fault of their own are finding themselves in need of the Fellowship support.


Sunnyside Communities Fellowship Fund supplied $2.3 million dollars of care and loving support in 2014. This care is largely given to those in the twilight of their life as we care for them in our Assisted Living and Healthcare. We were able to do this because of the continued generosity of individuals, churches, businesses and organizations that support our mission of care for those less fortunate.


Please partner in our ministry of care for those in need with kindness, compassion and a financial gift so that we may preserve the dignity, security, physical and emotional needs of those who deserve our care at their time of greatest need.