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Helping an aging parent or loved one make good decisions about their future can be a daunting task – one for which you may not feel qualified. This Decision Guide is intended to help you analyze the major factors that impact a decision – financial security, ongoing healthcare, and overall safety and well-being. The objective is to arrive at a decision that allows your parent or loved one to feel at home – and for you to have peace of mind.

They say they’re not “ready”, but I see signs that they are.

Often, you’re in the best position to know when a parent or a close loved one is ready to make the move to a senior living community. You see the signs. Maybe Mom is feeling lonely, or Dad has become more forgetful. Meals are more of a problem. Home maintenance is becoming too much of a burden. Worry about safety issues increases.

There are many signs, and they usually become more pronounced over time. Eventually, isolated problems multiply, making daily living more complex and worrisome. A variety of issues and abilities may prevent seniors from meeting their everyday needs in their own home. Even if they still “get around” easily and have no physical issues, other things may affect a loved one’s ability to cook a meal or clean the house.

How can I be sure Sunnyside Communities is right for my parents or loved one?

The first thing we recommend is that you visit our community and talk to staff and residents. This will give you tremendous insight into Sunnyside Communities as a vibrant senior living community and will help create a high level of confidence that this is indeed the right place for your parents.

At Sunnyside Communities, your parent will find a well-equipped, maintenance-free residence where independence and vitality thrive. You’ll also be impressed with our strong commitment to health and fitness as exemplified in our facilities and programs. In addition to our dedication to person-centered care, your loved one will enjoy numerous amenities including landscaped garden areas, local transportation, library, chapel, gift shop, salon and parking.

What can I expect in the way of healthcare?

With Sunnyside Communities, you have access to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) which offers a full continuum of care, ranging from fully independent units to assistance with personal care in assisted living apartments to long-term care in a skilled nursing facility.

CCRCs offer a tiered approach to the aging process, accommodating residents’ changing needs.Upon entering, healthy adults can reside independently in single-family homes, apartments or condominiums. When assistance with everyday activities becomes necessary, they can move into assisted living or nursing care facilities.

These communities give older adults the option to live in one location for the duration of their life, with much of their future care already figured out. This can provide a great level of comfort to seniors and their loved ones and take much of the stress out of the caregiving relationship.

Types of Contracts

There are three basic types of contracts for CCRCs:

  • Life Care or Extended Contract: This is the most expensive option, but offers unlimited assisted living, medical treatment and skilled nursing care without additional charges.
  • Modified Contract: This contract offers a set of services provided for a set length of time. When that time is expired, other services can be obtained, but for higher monthly fees.
  • Fee-for-Service Contract: The initial enrollment fee may be lower, but assisted living and skilled nursing will be paid for at their market rates.

It is very important to review each option as well as the long-term financial plan to support them. It is also important to know that the community being considered will be financially viable over the long term.

Should I be concerned about safety and security?

No. Sunnyside Communities provides a 24-hour security staff and emergency call and response systems. Our residences also include fire and smoke detectors and a central security system to ensure the well-being of every resident.

What can I expect from Sunnyside Communities in helping my parents to preserve their finances?

For those of retirement age, preservation of available finances is of utmost importance now more than ever. Residents have a right to expect that the senior living community they choose as their home is governed and operated in a manner that allows it to remain financially sound and meet its long-term commitments to residents.

Sunnyside Communities is a financially sound, fiscally responsible organization. We are responsible stewards of our investments and philanthropic donations, and we put our income back into the organization to provide Resident Financial Aid, Spiritual Services, and many other services and amenities for our residents.

It is important to us that each resident thoroughly understand our overall financial condition, the specific terms of the agreement for housing, care and other services, as well as our policies governing refund and/or repayment of initial entry fees.

When my parent becomes a resident of Sunnyside Communities, what will I still need to do?

Not much more than share your time with them. Sunnyside Communities provides professional staff that is trained and prepared to meet most any need. Our approach is to provide everything our residents need while giving them the freedom to enjoy life the way they want it. Life at Sunnyside Communities for your parent or loved one means peace of mind for you, and quality time and enjoyment spent together.

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We’re ready to help you as you discuss future living options with your children or other loved ones.

Contact us today. Let us provide you an opportunity to tour the community, answer all your questions, and introduce you to our best resource of all: people who have already made a decision to live at Sunnyside Communities and are very happy with the outcome. We will also be pleased to be your host for a complimentary overnight stay.

It will be our pleasure to assist you and your parent or loved one at this important time in your lives.