Innovation has been instrumental to the success of Sunnyside Communities. The health care landscape is continually changing, and the trustees, management and staff of Sunnyside Communities have always looked into the future and these opportunities to provide the best in continuing care.

One of the biggest advantages of living in one of the Sunnyside Communities is the commitment to “staying out in front” when it comes to enriching the lives of residents. From five-star ratings to rankings among the best in Virginia to Multi-Sensory Environments – Sunnyside Communities has a history of providing inspiring environments, programs and services. The following are some recent innovations.

Multi-Sensory Environments, designed by the leading expert in the U.S., help residents who have intellectual disabilities as a result of stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s or other neurological conditions. It is a wonderland of colors, sounds, images, and feelings that promote well-being while relieving anxiety and pain. The Multi-Sensory Environment development has grown into a worldwide movement in over 30 countries.

To improve their quality of life, residents who are in later stages of dementia benefit from Care Cove, a program that uses Namaste Care (Namaste means honoring the spirit within). Listening to soft music, reading stories, and receiving manicures in a calm environment are just a few of the activities residents experience in this program.

Sunnyside Communities continually works to enhance sustainability at Sunnyside, King’s Grant and Summit Square through the use of programs that focus on areas such as recycling, energy-efficient lighting, green housekeeping, water-efficient landscaping and systematic heating and cooling systems. Efforts such as these help lead to greater cost control and other efficiencies while ensuring that Sunnyside Communities is a good steward of the environment.